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SilvanaKicks has been such a huge reason from my son and daughters advancement. Their kicks have gotten so much better. My daughter has a full split and my son has almost got a full split. This is a huge deal for him as he started off not flexible at all. They are both competing at a high level thanks to Silvana.

Tracy W


I have been using SilvanaKicks program for a while and it has completely changed my kick mechanics. All my prior teachers/instructors had never picked apart and corrected my kicks the way she has! One of my best investments.

Nadine J


I’ve been with SilvanaKicks since the beginning of her online program. I found it through her Instagram and decided to give it a go. I’ve never been so happy learning Martial Arts. She makes it fun, easy to understand and breaks down all the difficult parts that I would usually quit on. Thank you, Silvana, you have a Patron for life!

Damien L

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