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I’m Silvana! I’m 30 years old and have been in Martial Arts for 26 years where I have experience competing in traditional tournaments as well as Sport Martial Arts events around the world. 

A handful of my accolades in the Martial Arts include, breaking two Guinness World Records, being an International Champion in Sport Karate, earning the position on the Canadian National Martial Arts Team and the Canadian National Martial Arts Team Captain, a Canadian National Champion in the International Congress of Martial Arts and an International Hall of Fame inductee. 

My Story

My ultimate goal is to bring up the next generation of Martial Arts with respect, integrity and the ability to be confident in their own skin. Although I am a high level athlete and coach, I pride myself on being able to teach ALL students. I aspire to be a strong female role model in the Martial Arts for my students. To have a voice and utilize it in a way that stands up for those who aren't able to do it themselves. To show my female students that we can be present and respected in male-dominated sports.

Where I Teach


Patreon & Youtube.


Shamuon Generation of Martial Arts & Hotshot Athletics

Support Me

If you are looking to support me and my goals you can always start by joining my Youtube Members community.  Buy my merch, or simply be a positive influence in your martial arts community.

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