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Can You Improve Your Martial Arts For Free? 3 Tips On How To Do So.

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

3 Tips To Improve Your Martial Arts For Free

Free? Yes.

Already Sold? Probably Not.

Let's face it. Hardly anything is free these days, but we all like free, especially if it helps us get better. There are a lot of people who want to learn Martial Arts or simply improve their Martial Arts and either can't afford or can't be bothered to pay for it. Why pay money when there is a whole bunch of FREE YouTube videos to learn from right?

Wrong! In most cases you aren't going to improve from YouTube. Especially with so many McDojo's and "Martial Artists" telling you how they know better than everyone else.

Hey look, I'm not saying all YouTube instruction isn't good, I'm just saying it's rare. In a place that is oversaturated with information that is good, bad and hmm ok? Good luck trying to decipher which is which without guidance.

Now, even if you were to find a great teacher on YouTube (like myself wink wink) the fact still remains, how do you really know if you are improving? For the most part you don't. There are so many factors involved to properly learning an artform and progressing that can't simply be taken into account when watching an instructional video and require a great coach.

Now I'm not looking to bum you out, there are definitely ways you can work towards improvement... That won't cost you a cent.


1) Research:

The internet is an amazing tool. If used properly you may find some useful stuff to help advance your Martial Art. Ultimately, you will have to do a lot of research and cross referencing. You will need to ensure who you are learning from isn't someone who watched 1 video one time and decided they knew everything. Do yourself a favor and research not only the moves, but the people doing them. In that case, you'll know you are learning from someone who is established in the Martial Arts so the information you are getting is accurate and useful. This step is crucial to training and improving on your own but this is only if you have the determination and patience to do the all the research. Hey, even I was nervous to put more information out on YouTube... and that's someone with 23 years of experience! You can ask my why I was nervous, or maybe I'll blog about it. Anyways, on to the next step.

2) Record Yourself Training:

Practice, practice, practice! Practicing is so important to seeing improvement! BUT practicing wrong builds bad habits and bad habits for yourself result in bad teaching and improper form. Practicing improper form ultimately doesn't benefit you in the long run, especially when you get to the faster movements. Did you know practicing improper form is the leading cause of injury in this sport? Combat this by recording your training sessions. Now this may seem super awkward and not the most fun, however, this way when you are finished your training session, you can review and compare yourself to your coach or the person you've thoroughly researched on YouTube and adjust pieces of form and technique that aren't how they should be. Watching yourself do the techniques will ultimately help you so suffer through the awkward moment and you'll thank me later.

3) Find a Facility and Shoot your Shot:

So you really can't make that investment in a proper coach? You're really tight on money and it's just not an option? The next thing on your list of learning for free is a little bit of a shot in the dark but it's worth a try.... This is to find a local Martial Arts gym and offer to help them in some way such as; help in their facility, hold or clean pads, mats etc. in exchange for mentorship. Now keep in mind, this is nowhere near the same level as paid coaching and individual programing but you may pick up a few things in between holding/cleaning a bag or pads. Remember this, the gym is a business so don't take it personally if you get rejected, but remember we're also in Martial Arts, and if you're in the right facility, chances are they will work with you if you're willing, determined, COMMITTED and motivated.


Now as much as you can improve your Martial Arts to some degree using free techniques, there is no substitute for paying a high level professional coach that knows not only the intricacies of their art but also all of the common mistakes and how to correct them to keep you on the road to success.

If you want to take your martial arts to the next level, visit and unlock your true kicking and flexibility potential.

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